Having worked hard all my adult life I am now at a point that I should want to sit back and relax; but, since I never could before,  I continue to move forward with this new online opportunity.

Although my task right now is to identify subjects that I would like to develop, I find myself reflecting more on my personality traits. Ones that I think will enhance (or deter) whatever subject I choose to develop.

The Positives

I consider myself to have a great sense of humor, am good with people, a good listener, I  can be very diligent, articulate (maybe a little too cryptic), very honest, creative (sometimes), and helpful.

The Not So Greats

I will need to work to be successful; sharing things about myself with strangers, being more patient, recognizing my limitations, being willing to ask for help and staying up-to-date.


To Do or Not To Do

  1. Having been involved in e commerce off and on since the late 90’s I could probably offer some sage advice to other beginners and help entrepreneurs avoid some costly pitfalls.
  2. Understanding the best methods of capturing targeted traffic is another area that I have always had an interest in.
  3. The best methods to incorporate videos into your business and the best marketing videos would be another good subject.
  4. Recently with my Fun Pet Designs e commerce website, I started publishing a newsletter with current articles about dogs and cats and I found that I enjoy researching for articles that might appeal, so curation might be a good choice.
  5. My husband keeps his brain working effectively by challenging himself daily with a genius quiz. My challenges of choice are learning new apps.  Possibly this might be an area where I could help others, maybe critique new software.

One thing is clear for me, helping people has always been a priority in my life and I believe I can make a difference, even at this late date.

Do you have any suggestions of topics that you would like to see developed?  Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

More soon,

Peggy Uhal

P.S.  I would be remiss if I didn’t offer you the chance to create your own new business. It would be fun have you to share with as we go along.



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