Anyone that knows anything about me will say that I have a giving personality, a keen sense of humor (well I think its keen) and that I love helping people.

I believe there are two things that have really limited my ability to be a big success as an entrepreneur. One is that as a single Mom I had very little money or the time to invest and two, I have always struggled with getting out of my comfort zone.  I am not pretty or photogenic and I prefer to stay in the background if possible. The times I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and became a leader was when my driving need to help others took over.

With this new online opportunity I have found that for me the biggest appeal is that the guru’s involved have pledged to help me.  They repeatedly say “if you need help, ask”.  So far I have only had a couple of questions and they have been quick to respond . . and more importantly, if they were basic questions, they didn’t insult me by sending an automatic response which is so popular these days.

Even sharing my life and getting in the habit of talking via my posts is hard for me, so please be kind in your comments :-).  Regardless I would love to talk with you if you care to share.

All the best to you,

More soon,


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    2 replies to "Shy, Introverted Type"

    • Lewis Anderson

      Hi Peggy, I can really relate to what you are saying here, excluding the single mother part. I was a separated farther living alone, paying maintenance and having my three children every weekend. Affordability for anything else was just not an option.

      I have evening free so i would do what i could with free bit of information out there.

      I also really like your logo! Is it a Pegasus as wordplay for your name?

      • Peggy Uhal

        Hi Lewis, Good for you, it sounds like you did the best you could. The kids are the most important sacrifice we make and I am sure they appreciate you always being there.

        I didn’t choose the best men. One disappeared entirely and the other, well, let’s just say he only participated when it suited him. There was no financial support – from family either, hence a second job and/or the hunt for a business to give me freedom. Mostly it was just like being a mouse in a maze, always looking for the treat – success (and money), unfortunately in the end mostly just getting hype.

        Are you working on a business now?

        Thank you! No the mustang is a reflection of my deep love of horses. I had to give up riding a few years ago and now having a logo with a horse allows me to reflect this love in a small way.

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