Would you believe I panned for gold one time?  I remember that when we got there we saw a daunting stretch of land where a plow had dug long deep water ditches. There were people scattered everywhere along these rows and we could pick whatever row we wanted to work.  Of course I did spend a few minutes looking around for a sign telling me that “this is the spot with all the gold” but, not surprisingly, there wasn’t one.  We dug and panned and at the end of the day all we had to show for our hard work was back aches.

Internet Marketing – Today’s Gold Fever

Can any of you see the parallel between panning for gold and working in the internet marketing field?  My search for gold was 20+ years ago so I was amazed that a search on “panning for gold” had over a Billion results in Google. So many promises of wealth – so many dead ends.  So it isn’t surprising that hope springs eternal in most of us; in panning for gold and being a success at Internet marketing.

Can You Find Gold in Your Internet Marketing Business?

With this belief in mind, I have made up my mind that I will will do what is necessary to find and produce gold in my affiliate and internet marketing business.

Two Things You Must Have to Succeed in Your online business Efforts?

Would you believe both of these things are totally within your control?

The first thing I realized was that to be a successful entrepreneur online is that you have to have absolute faith in yourself.  Just like those gold miners in our early history, they truly believed that they would find gold.  They might dig a mile long tunnel and find nothing then turn around and start again.

The second thing within your control is that you can NEVER, EVER give up. Can you imagine the ridicule those gold miners received? The hardships they suffered when they didn’t find gold on their first, or second, or third attempt?  The gold miners that never gave up were the ones that were rewarded for their efforts with the riches. Its just the same for us isn’t it?  I haven’t seen a successful Internet – affiliate marketer yet that hasn’t been in this business for at least 10 years.

Affiliate Marketing Fever

After failing with my ecommerce website last year, I chose to pursue affiliate marketing. As I mentioned on my About Me page, this was my second attempt at the affiliate marketing niche.  This time, though, I decided to do things differently and get help.

I have found that nothing is more valuable than to have the support of an affiliate marketing expert and then having that coach keep me accountable.

The journey continues, thanks for reading.  I wish you all the best,

more later!


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    • Kneller Fernandes

      Awesome article Peggy,
      Yup! trying to earn online IS a lot like panning for gold and…
      You have tried them both. 🙂

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