I am always looking for free traffic.  After years of wasting thousands of dollars advertising on Google and other social medias, I have researched and found some free traffic avenues that work and will help you.

Keep in mind, each free traffic resourch will not be a quick solution.  As my Coach says, “content is king” so you need to back up your efforts with quality content.

The top 5 Free Traffic Options:

  1.  Blogging — did you know that after about 50 posts in your blog site you can get paid by Google to post their ads?  Consistent posting with quality information will make your blog a valuable link to share.  Plus, you can take your posts and revamp them to share on your other social media forums.
  2. Forums – This is a golden nugget for getting traffic. Find forums in your niche and become an active and valued member. Once you’ve established yourself as an authority on these websites, getting traffic comes easily.
  3. Email Marketing – well this is the perfect way to grow and establish a repore with your list which will lead to sales.  Its important to set up email campaigns so that you can stay in touch with your people.  You can reach your list easily and often with a quality autoresponder like Aweber which I have used lots and it works very well.  This email marketing traffic method is critical to your success and you should devote much of your time to this once you have a list.
  4. Video Marketing – YouTube and TicTok are by far the most popular.  Of the social media choices, this is the one to utilize the most.  YouTube Shorts are making a big push to compete with TicTok and TicTok is getting complaints because they are randomly, without notice and giving no reasons, deleting people’s videos.  Not a good advertisement to stick with them.
  5. Search Engines – Content and level of activity/responses are the things that catch the attention of search engines.  This requires hard work and consistent posting/updating, whether on a blog, website or social media group.  Oh and be sure to use something like Yoast to make sure your content is the quality search engines are looking for so it can rank you high in searches.

This is a short list but should keep you busy for a while :-).  I will be providing more suggestions soon.

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